What is a productivity mouse?

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Productivity Mice

A productivity mouse is a computer peripheral that has functionality and features that allow users to reduce the number of keystrokes they make. In addition to this, the mice are typically ergonomic which enables people to use them for extended periods of time with limited impact on their wrists and fingers.

Here is my list of qualifications for a mouse to be considered a productivity mouse.

  • Ergonomic - Any mouse that you will be using for long working hours needs to be comfortable. As such, ambidextrous or flat mice typically won't qualify as being productivity worthy in my book.
  • Has companion Software for customizations - Productivity mice need to be customizable to accommodate all the different types of work you do in a day. You will need to be able to map common keystrokes like copy (control + C), paste (control + v), or select all (control + a), to minimize your finger stress and increase your work output.
  • Extra buttons - Most standard mice come will your standard left and right click, along with two side buttons that are used to navigate back and forth while browsing the web. Productivity mice normally throw in an extra button, or two (or 11 in the case of the Razer Basilisk).

If a mouse meets all these requirements, I would consider using it for productivity tasks. Coincidentally, these are attributes that nearly all gaming mice possess.

Meaning, that in spite of what the packaging may tell you, gaming mice are perfect for office work. They have great battery life, superior build quality, and a ton of customization options.

The only potential downfall is that most come with a ton of RGB lighting. These lights can be turned off if they bother you within the mouse's accompanying software in most cases.

How can a mouse make you more productive?

Shortcuts, macros, and comfort of use, enable productivity mice to increase the quantity of work you get done in a day. Here are my favorite shortcuts to use along with the tasks they are handy for.

Writing Code and Blogging

Programming involves an obscene amount of keystrokes even when you's working on a small script of program. As such, minimizing the amount of typing you are doing will help you complete your code faster.

On my current mouse, the Roccat Kone XP Pro Air, I have the following macros/keystrokes mapped for coding in Visual Studio.

  • Copy, Paste, Select All - Like most professions, software engineers use copy and paste a lot. So, for my workflow, I decided to make like a little easier by mapping copy, paste, and cut to my scroll wheel. By clicking the scroll wheel once, I can automatically select all the elements on the page. A simple click of the scroll wheel to the left copies whatever I need. Then a click to the right pastes it.
  • Launching the snipping tool - One of my buttons can launch the snipping tool with a single click. This comes in handy when grabbing quick screenshots while gaming.

Analyzing Data In Excel

To be 100% transparent, I hate working in Excel, if at all possible I use SQL and Python for data projects. It's not that Excel is a bad program or anything.

I just had a number of horrible experiences with it being used for everything from a database to a CRM at this poorly run company I worked at.

That being said, when I am begrudgingly powering through analysis within Excel hell, I use the MX Master 3s with the following button mapping.

  • Copy and Paste - Since I primarily use the MX Master for Excel, I re-map the browser navigational buttons to copy/paste. This helps move blocks over data around without touching the keyboard.
  • Zoom In and Out - Maybe it's just my luck but I seem to always end up with a data set that I have to look at from up close and afar to gain any insights. The side scroll on the MX Master is great for this.

In addition to these tasks, I hear that you can utilize many of the extra buttons found on the productivity maps for Adobe Photoshop. I don't use it often enough to elaborate any further but I'm sure with the right mouse you can edit photos and videos much more efficiently.

The health benefits of ergonomic mice

Now, I am certainly no doctor nor an expert on any health-related master but I can attest to the benefit ergonomic mice have had on my wrists and fingers. Prior to getting into gaming mice, I used to use very cheap, flat mice all day.

After a long day of work, I often felt like my hands were stuck in almost a claw-like position. My thumb would throb on and off and my wrists were sore sometimes.

I switched to my first productivity mouse, the Red Dragon M913 in 2019 and I felt the difference in my hands no longer than a week or two later. I can't really prove it but I do believe ergonomic mice helped me stave off carpal tunnel syndrome.

Productivity mice alongside a productivity planner help you unleash your true potential while working but be sure not to burn yourself out in your quest boost your productivity. There is no substitute for adequate rest, exercise, and self-care.

Matt Irving is the CEO of Super Easy Tech, LLC.
Matt is the CEO of Super Easy Tech and creator of Super Easy CRM. He is a passionate software engineer, tech blogger, and gamer. Feel free to connect on any of the platforms listed below.

Posted by: Matt Irving on 01/29/2022