Am I burned out?

burnout symptoms

Feeling Burned Out

If you find yourself asking the question am i suffering from burnout, you probably are. Often, we try and rationalize working more than we should and ignore all the burnout symptoms we are experiencing. Work-life balance shouldn't be ignored, in fact, you should be doing way more living that working!

Our short questionnaire will help you gauge your current level of burnout. However, regardless of the results, if you feel overwhelmed take some time off. You are completely replaceable to the company you work at. If you were to succumb to a disease, your job role would be filled in a week or two and in time, no one at said company would remember you existed.

The only people that will truly mourn you will be the ones you ignored while you were working countless hours.

1. How often do you take calls after your shift has ended?

2. Am I required to attend work related social events?

3. Are those that refuse to participate in work related social events shunned by co-workers and management?

4. Do individuals at the company refer to themselves as family, when there is no blood relationship?

5. Do you refer to company assets such as cell phones, desks, and offices as "mine" and/or "ours"?

6. Are employees made to feel guilty for taking time off?

7. How much PTO do you have left over each year?

8. Do you spend more than 30 minutes thinking about work after your shift ends?

9. Are cameras always required to be on during meetings?

10. Do you receive work outside of your job description with no extra pay?

Matt Irving is the CEO of Super Easy Tech, LLC.
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Posted by: Matt Irving on 9/18/2022