Free Business Templates

Create cool Excel charts without writing any code.

Pie, Bar, Funnel, and Line charts

Turn rows of unsightly data in a stunning graph! Data can tell a really good story if you pair it with the right visual aids. Download or View

Calculate the amount of time that has elapsed between two dates in Microsoft Excel.

Calculate time elapsed between two dates in Excel with DATEDIF

Have you ever needed to determine the amount of time that has elapsed between two dates in order to determine the amount to invoice a client? The DATEDIF function allows you to specify a date range and calculate the amount of time that had elapsed in Months, Days or Years. This functionality can be extended to second or hours by slapping in a couple math calculations.Download the DATEDIF to handle the math for you! Download

Use the IF function to find data in cells and specify what you want to take place once that data is found.

Output text when a condition is met with the IF function - Part 1

If you've ever needed to output data when certain conditions are met in your dataset, you may not need to use SQL or involve a developer. This simple IF function will allow you to find certain text in a cell then determine what value you would like to display when that text is found. You can also specify what you would like display in the event the target text is not found. Download

Use the VLOOKUP function to find your target data in a dataset of any format.

Find your target cell data in a large dataset with VLOOKUP

Data comes to us in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes that shape is not consistent with what we need! The VLOOKUP functions allows us to find our target data, regardless of the size of the dataset and execute a command or simply output a certain value. In this template we are converting states from their long hand format to the two letter abbreviation. Download

Performance review

Performance Review Template

To be truly effective, performance reviews need to provide an open dialogue for discussion between the employee and the employer. Now, employers must be realistic, employees are not going to be 100% honest with you about EVERYTHING they are feeling for obvious reasons. Most don't want to say anything negative out of fear of being fired! This is a legitimate fear and many states in America have adopted "At will" employment policies which essentially allow employement to be terminated without a reason (provided it was NOT based on race, religion, gender, etc.) View

Excel Invoice

Invoice template

Invoicing is a crucial part of running any business. To be successful, you'll want to have a standardized way of letting your clients know excatly what they are being charged for. This customizable template will provide you with all the fields you need to properly invoice your clients. View