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Productivity Blog

Another name for projects

Alternatives to Project Management

Date Posted: 06-09-2024

Be the cure for stakeholder project fatigue with these tips and tricks for alternatives to traditional project management. View More

Renting or Selling Your Home

Rent vs Sell Calculator

Date Posted: 06-02-2024

Do you have a property you're not sure what do with? Find out if you should sell or rent with my Rent vs Sell Calculator. View More

A generator that creates Sprint Name ideas

Sprint Names Generator

Date Posted: 05-27-2024

Spice up your next sprint with a catchy, fun name the Scrum team will love with my Sprint Name Generator today. View More

Woman processing credit card fees

Credit Card Fees Calculator

Date Posted: 05-20-2024

Figure out your true profit margin by knowing exactly what your fees are with my Credit Card Processing Fees Calculator today! View More

Mortgage Recast Calculator

Mortgage Recast Calculator

Date Posted: 05-13-2024

Use my super simple mortgage recast calculator to determine your new balance and monthly rates after you make a lump sum payment. View More

PTO Calculator

PTO Accrual Calculator

Date Posted: 04-28-2024

Track your PTO easily so you can determine your end of the year payout or plan a vacation with my PTO Accrual Calculator. View More

ChatGPT on Logitech Mouse

AI in your mouse? ChatGPT and Logitech

Date Posted: 04-21-2024

Get AI in your trust Mx Master 3s with Logitech's Option+ software and ChatGPT for free today. View More

A computer with RAM

How Much RAM do I need, really?

Date Posted: 04-13-2024

Wondering how much RAM you really need for your laptop or PC? Find out now with my super simple RAM Calculator. Make smarter purchases today! View More

Bakery Names

Bakery Name Generator

Date Posted: 04-07-2024

Chase your dream of owning your own bakery. Come up with the perfect name for your business with my AI powered Bakery Name Generator. View More

Salesforce Cloud

How to Verify Salesforce Certifications

Date Posted: 03-31-2024

Learn how to easily verify Salesforce certifications and the next best certificate exams to tackle after passing your Admin test. View More