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What is a workflow?

What is a workflow? Simply put, it’s the way tasks ‘flow’ in an organization. Without the flow, you are condemning your team to a chaotic workday. While there are many ways in which you can design a workflow, all methods generally task definitions, priorities, assignments and the estimated time to complete tasks. View More.

How to browse safely

The internet has become so integrated into our lives that we can’t imagine functioning without it. The company Google, has become a verb, seemingly overnight. I’m actually surprised there are still librarians around. Nothing is without its fault though, and the internet is no different. It’s chock-full of criminals waiting to steal your money, identity and worse. View More.

Analysis without programs

So, you to analyze data BUT you’re not a computer programmer. Well, all is not lost and you may not have to bug the IT department or hire a programmer to extract meaningful information from datasets. All you need is a subscription to Microsoft Office or LibreOffice and the IF formula. View More.

Recognizing and dealing with Scope Creep

Even the most well-defined scope with the most seasoned team can fall victim to scope creep. Scope creep occurs when the original scope is expanded upon. This typically results in greater costs, tighter time constraints and more stress for the team. View More.

Calculate the amount of time that has elapsed between two dates in Microsoft Excel.

Calculate time elapsed between two dates in Excel with DATEDIF

Have you ever needed to determine the amount of time that has elapsed between two dates in order to determine the amount to invoice a client? The DATEDIF function allows you to specify a date range and calculate the amount of time that had elapsed in Months, Days or Years. This functionality can be extended to second or hours by slapping in a couple math calculations. Download the DATEDIF to handle the math for you! Download

Work from home, save money and increase efficiency.

Save money and increase efficiency by working from home

As the pandemic has painfully taught us, failing to QUICKLY adapt to this increasingly remote landscape can result in the demise of your business. Working from office may seem like the only way to operate, since it’s all most of us have ever known. Older does not always equate to superior and what’s viewed as the gold standard today may be considered antiquated tomorrow. View More.