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amazing halloween facts

Halloween Trivia

Date Posted: 09-26-2022

Halloween trivia that will tease your brain and have you craving candy corn. View More

roi calculator excel template

ROI Calculator Excel

Date Posted: 09-25-2022

Calculating ROI is super easy with our free Excel ROI template and return on investment calculator. View More

invasive animal facts

Invasive Species Quiz

Date Posted: 09-20-2022

Invasive species are any non-native plants or animals that are introduced into an existing ecosystem. Test your knowledge of these aliens here! View More

burnout symptoms

Burn Out Quiz

Date Posted: 09-18-2022

Do you think you have the symptoms of burnout? Take our short quiz to see if you are burnt out from work. View More

how to set boundaries at work

What Is Quiet Qutting

Date Posted: 09-12-2022

Quiet quitting is a phrase coined on TikTok that describes employees setting boundaries and protecting their mental health. View More

us politics trivia

American Politics Trivia

Date Posted: 09-11-2022

Super fun, boredom busting trivia game all about the political system in the United States of America. View More

wfh loneliness

Best Pets For Remote Workers

Date Posted: 09-08-2022

Here are the best pets for remote workers. These animals are low maintenance and totally suited for indoor living! View More

fun science trivia

Science Trivia

Date Posted: 09-07-2022

Put your science knowledge to the test with our earth, weather, computer, and general science based trivia questions! View More

fun animal trivia for adults

Animal Trivia Questions

Date Posted: 09-05-2022

Super fun and challenging trivia questions about some of the coolest animals on the planet. Play it with your co-workers! View More

fun trivia games for work

Trivia Questions For Work Meetings

Date Posted: 08-28-2022

Break the ice and the monotony of work meetings with this fun and challenging trivia game. View More