Available Packages

Each package comes with a ticketing system, reporting and 3 free traning sessions!

*All Packages are billed annually (i.e. $20 per user per month means a $240 charge + applicable taxes due at time of purchase.


$10 per user per month

Made for the entrepreneur who has outgrown the 'spreadsheet' method of logging business critical information. Entrepreneurs can track their leads, schedule meetings and keep their documents in centrally located, secure place.

Summary Of Features

  • Ticketing System

  • Lead and Contact Management

  • Document Storage

Small Business

$17.50 per user per month

Ideal for small businesses who need to manage projects, leads and keep track of daily operations. The project management system included in this package was developed by a Project Management Institute certified Project Management Professional. The ticketing system provides automated responses to stakeholders to maximize customer experience.

Summary Of Features

  • All Entrepreneur Features

  • Project Management Software

Small Biz Premium

$25 per user per month

This package gives you an innovative workflow management tool that provides an at-a-glance view of all business operations. Never lose sight of daily operations, project status or leads with easy to use widgets included on each module.

Summary Of Features

  • All Small Biz Features

  • Workflow Creation

  • Advanced Task Management