PTO Accrual Calculator Based on Hours Worked

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Disclaimer: The calculator below is an estimate based on information that you obtain from your employer and submit into our form. Always verify with your employer or consult an employee handbook prior to planning any personal time off.

Keeping your own records of PTO you've earned is important. This is especially true if you need to determine your vacation payout upon termination or resignation. Your unused vacation time can be turned into extra cash in your pocket as you start your new job.

The free tool below calculates the amount of PTO you've accrued based on the hours worked.

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Should I take all of my PTO?

Unless you are saving up for something important like starting a business or paying for college, use all the PTO you have available. It is very easy to burn out at work and cause your mental health to decline. For this reason, you should take days off as often as you can.

Contrary to the nonsense managers and company owners try to instill in you, there is no need to put off taking your PTO. Don't let anyone guilt trip you about the "team" having to pick up the slack or a report being overdue. It is not your responsibility to staff a company that you do not own apprpriately.

When should I take my PTO?

You should take time off whenever your family is available. Or, if you're single, try to schedule time around your friends availibity. Whatever you do, don't schedule it base on deadlines for deliverables at work.

The work will be there when you get back and if it isn't there are literally thousands of other companies hiring out in the world. Ideally, if you have kids, try to schedule your vacation time around their school schedule.

Most schools have their schedules available on their websites for you download and print. Try to spend as much time as you can with them while their young because before you know it, they'll be fully grown TikTok using adults!

How To Calculate Vacation Accrual

To calculate your PTO or to calculate prorated pto, you need to first determine the amount of time off you earn per hour. To find this, take the total number of hours you work per calendar year and divide it by amount of PTO the company allocates per year.

Once you have this, take the PTO accrural rate and multiply it by the number of vacation hours you have earned so far. Be sure to subtract any time off that you have already taken.

Also, most places allow you to earn PTO only for the days you work. So you will need to exclude weekends, unpaid holidays, and any other uncompensated days.