Salesforce Certified Administrator Practice Exam Questions and Answers

Salesforce Admin Questions and Answers

A Salesforce Certification can be your ticket to landing a high paying remote job. To help you gaugue your readiness for this exam, I've thrown together 20 free Salesforce Admin practice questions.

Feel free to check your answers after each question or, if you're brave, wait until the end to grade them all at once! When you finish your assessment, keep on scrolling for your valuable test tips to help you pass the Salesforce Certified Administration exam in one try!

1. Which feature allows a system administrator to restrict users from logging into the Salesforce organization outside regular business hours?

2. What must be configured to enable users to access a Visualforce page from a Salesforce1 mobile app?

3. Which type of report should be used to create a report that shows the number of leads created each month?

4. Custom objects and fields can be added to which Salesforce mobile app navigation menu?

5. Which statement about the Recycle Bin in Salesforce is true?

6. Which feature allows an administrator to set up Salesforce to automatically send an email when a case is closed?

7. The Cloud Scheduler feature in Salesforce is used to do what?

8. What is a capability of Salesforce Chatter?

9. What should a system administrator use to disable access to a custom application for a group of users?

10. Dynamic Dashboards allow users to do what?

11. What standard object has a one-to-many relationship with the Account object?

12. Which of the following is a feature of the Salesforce mobile app?

13. Which report format displays data grouped by row and column, with the option to add summary formulas?

14. What can be done with a workflow field update action?

15. The Organization-Wide Default (OWD) settings can be used to:

16. Which object is used to track and manage customer support cases?

17. A validation rule is used in Salesforce to:

18. Which feature allows a user to group campaigns within a specific marketing program or initiative?

19. What is a primary function of the Salesforce AppExchange?

20. What tool would you use to import a large number of records (6+ million) into Salesforce?

What are the toughest questions on the Salesforce Certified Admin Exam?

By far the worst question on the entire exam are the "select all that apply" questions. These are tough because there are always 2 - 3 answers that are so similarly worded that they could almost be interchangeable.

Pro Tip: Try to find the answers that are alike or at the very least do not contradict each other. Take this question for example:

Which of the following are valid ways to automate processes in Salesforce? (Select all that apply)

The outlier in this question that is completely unlike all the others is option E, Validation Rules. These kind of sound like an automation feature but are in reality a data validation tool.

How Should I Study for The Salesforce Certified Administrator Exam

Here is the route I took for my studies.

Run Through Trailhead from Start to Finish

Starting with Trailhead is like embarking on a quest. Every badge earned is a testament to your growing prowess. Skip the Capstone Project for now; focus on mastering the essentials first.

The interactive challenges and projects simulate real-world scenarios, engraving Salesforce's functionalities into your memory. Its engaging, its fun, and its your first step to becoming a Salesforce guru.

Listen to Free Salesforce Admin Study Guide on Cardio

The Salesforce Admin study guide by Salesforce Now is a treasure trove of knowledge. Integrating study sessions into your cardio routine kills two birds with one stone: your health and your career progress together.

Plus, as an added bonus, it has proven to be an unexpected lullaby for toddlers. Who knew becoming a Salesforce Admin could also soothe a child to sleep?

Invest in the Focus on Force Study Bundle

While free resources are invaluable, the Focus on Force bundle is the compass that guides you through the vast Salesforce ocean. The study guide deciphers complex topics, the practice exams test your readiness, and the voucher is your ticket to the exam.

Consider it an investment in your future. Its the arsenal you need to tackle the exam with confidence and emerge victorious.

Conclusion: Get Certified, Increase Your Income, and Help Others Do the Same!

Cracking the Salesforce Certified Administrator exam is more than just a milestone. Its your ticket to a higher income, more respect in the tech community, and the ability to help others climb the same mountain.

So, grab your gear, fill your flask with determination, and set off on this journey. Remember, the view from the summit is worth every step. The path to certification is both a personal and professional triumph.

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 3/18/2024