How to verify a Salesforce certification and what to do next

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The easiest and most reliable way to verify Salesforce certifications is to head over to the Salesforce Professional Verification page. From there, enter the email or first and last name of the professional you want to lookup.

Either click the 'Search' button or press the 'Enter' or 'Return' key. If you spelled their name correctly and they have a certification you should see the person's first and last name appear along with their city, state, and country of residence.

You can also verify when they received their certification by clicking the 'Credential Info' link. Once selected, a pop up window will appear and display the day, month, and year they passed their certification exam.

How long does it take for Salesforce Certifications to show up?

Many sources claim that it takes at least a business day or so before Salesforce has your new certification in their public database. However, about an hour after attaining my Salesforce Certified Admin certification, my name appeared in the certification lookup tool.

How do I provide proof of my Salesforce Certification

To provide proof of your Salesforce Certification you can do one of the following.

  • Share it via the LinkedIn share button on the certification verification page.

  • Download your official certification from your Trailhead account.

  • Connect your certification to Credly and share your digital badge verification link.

Share via LinkedIn

You can share your Salesforce Certification directly through LinkedIn using the share button found on the certification verification page. This allows you to easily add your certification to your LinkedIn profile, showcasing your achievements to your professional network and hopefully catching the eye of potential clients.

Download from Trailhead

Your official Salesforce Certification can be downloaded directly from your Trailhead account. Log in to your account, navigate to the credentials section, and select the certificate you wish to download. This can be saved as a PDF or printed for your records.

Connect to Credly

By connecting your Salesforce Certification to Credly, you can share a digital badge verification link. Credly is a digital badge platform that verifies your achievements and allows you to easily share them online, including on LinkedIn and other social networks.

How can an employer verify my Salesforce certification

Companies employ a wide variety of background checking tools. Most places will run criminal as well as educational background checks.

Places like Good Hire will call whatever certifying body administers the certifications you add to your resume to confirm that you have the certification and when you attained it.

Does your Salesforce score matter?

No, what truly matters is that you've attained the certification and that you maintain it. Unless the interviwer is weird, they won't ask what your final score was nor will they ask how well you did in a particular domain.

I've obtained over a dozen certifications in my tech career, ranging from Comptia A+ to the PMP certification, and have yet to be asked by a potential employer what my score was.

What certification should I get after the Salesforce Certified Admin?

The next logical step after the Salesforce Certified Administrator exam is the Salesforce Platform Developer I credential. The test itself doesn't require you to write code but it does help if you are familiar with coding concepts such as OOP (object oriented programming), object classes, variables, etc.

Salesforce is developed primarily in Apex and JavaScript but knowing other languages like Python can help you grasp many of the concepts in the study material.

If I don't want to be a developer, what should my next certification be?

If you'd rather do less coding and developing on the Salesforce platform, go for a project management centric certification. Here are the ones I've earned so far.

  • PMP - Project Management Professional

  • CSM - Certified Scrum Master

  • SSBB - Six Sigma Black Belt

  • COMPTIA Project+

The best and hardest project management cert to get is the PMP by far. Its a grueling four hour, 200+ question exam. The easiest and sadly the most useless is the COMPTIA Project+ certification.

I have yet to see a single job posting or have an interviewer mention the certification. Stay away from this one unless you can get it for free. I was fortunate enough to get a free voucher from the university I attended.

Keep climbing and documenting your achievements

Certifications are a great personal investment when you pick the right ones. Salesforce certifications are a wonderful way to earn money, win clients, and expand your professional network. Always keep pushing and striving to hit your professional goals.

To help you achieve those goals more efficiently, check out my articles on the best productiviy mouse around and the absolute greatest shortcuts to speed up your workflow.

Matt Irving is the CEO of Super Easy Tech, LLC.
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Posted by: Matt Irving on 3/26/2024