PTO Accrual Calculator

PTO Calculator

Easily track how much PTO you earn within a given period with my PTO Accrual Tracker below. And as an added bonus, if you enter your current salary, my robots will give you an estimated value for your PTO payout.

Should I cash my PTO out or roll it over?

If you need the cash to pay off a loan or to start your business, take the payout. But, if you're not in dire need of the extra cash and would rather bank your extra PTO, just roll it over.

In the past, I would often just take payouts but as I got older and wiser, I realized that time spent with my wife and kids was for more valuable than a few extra dollars.

Shouldn't I just rely on ADP or the employer for PTO tracking?

Just as you should monitor your 401k, tax witholdings and other finacial matters related to your employment, PTO should be tracked as well. Companies make mistakes all the time and you should always strive to be your own advocate.

Afterall, no one is going to look out for you and your family better than you will. Even if time off is tracked through ADP, it should be at least monitored by you separately. Systems glitch all the time and a bug, while rare, could result in your PTO being under reported.

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In addition to this tool my site has tons of productivity related tools to help you get the most out of your day. If you like this pto accrural calculator, check out my Shift Calculator to help you monitor the hours you work each day.

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 4/28/2024