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invoice generator free

excel inventory spreadsheet

Free Excel Inventory Template

Date Posted: 05-25-2022

Here is a free template that tracks company inventory in Excel. View More

working while sick

How To Work When You Are Sick

Date Posted: 05-23-2022

So, you have a number of important projects due at work and you wake up one morning to a high fever, headache and congestion. You feel terrible but the company needs you, what should you do? STAY HOME, DON'T WORK! If you're remote, don't login or check emails until you feel better. View More

why do employees quit

Why Are People Quitting Their Jobs

Date Posted: 05-17-2022

People want to resign whenever a job no longer meets one or more of their primary needs. Above all else, employees want to great pay, structure, and respect. Contrary to whatever that out of touch HR consultant is telling you, most people don't want company lunches, dinners, or other weird events. View More

new employee onboarding

New Employee Orientation

Date Posted: 05-16-2022

The first day of work can be awkward and uncomfortable for the best of us, especially those of us who are more introverted.Prior to heading to the office or logging into the first video call, the incoming team member should be emailed an agenda at least 1 or 2 days ahead. View More

free job aid template word

Job Aid Template

Date Posted: 05-11-2022

Every business, of every size, will benefit from having job aids. They are great for both veteran and rookie employees. This is especially true if your workflow is fluid and processes have great degrees of variance between them. View More

change control board

Change Request Form

Date Posted: 05-10-2022

All businesses, large and small stand to benefit from implementing a formal process for change requests. Changes to operational processes must be thoroughly documented to gauge the impact the change had on the organization and its clients. Without a structured change policy, you won't have any idea as to whether the change had a positive or negative impact. View More

one on one meeting agenda

Meeting Agenda Examples

Date Posted: 05-09-2022

Meetings are sometimes boring, confrontational, and unnecessary. Most people do not jump for joy when they see a meeting invite appear in their inbox. Knowing that your audience would literally rather be anywhere else in the world, you as the host should do your best to make it as comfortable and short as humanly possible. View More

blog title ideas

Blog Post Ideas

Date Posted: 05-06-2022

Running out of ideas for your next blog post? Fret not, we have some awesomely unique and interesting ideas for your next post View More

personal brand building

Startup Name Generator

Date Posted: 05-05-2022

Before you get your startup funded, you'll need to name it! Thinking of something short, memorable, and eye catching is almost as hard as creating the business in the first place. View More

personal brand building

Personal CRM

Date Posted: 05-03-2022

Conducting your affairs as if you are a business is the best way to go through life. Unlearn the nonsense taught in school that indoctrinated us into thinking employee-ism is the only way to success. View More