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free customer persona template

Buyer Persona Template Generator

Date Posted: 05-01-2022

A good customer persona can help you target your ad campaigns with much greater efficiency. Also, by creating a fictional character to model your ideal customer after, you are giving the sales team deeper insight into how their pitches should be structured. View More

Remove leading zeros from Microsoft Excel file.

Keep Leading Zeros In Excel

Date Posted: 07-02-2021

Microsoft Excel spreadsheets have a tendency of removing leading zeros. Likely due to most use cases not requiring them to be displayed. However, there are certain times when you actually need leading zeros to be displayed (like a product or order number for example). View More

Job aids keep your employees stress free and efficient.

How To Create An Easy To Follow Job Aid For Your Team

Date Posted: 07-01-2021

Job aids are awesome. They provide employees with short, easily digestible guides that help employees perform at their absolute best. The greatest job aids are written with the task owner in mind and are free from the bias of senior management. View More

scrum meetings in healthcare

15 Minute Meetings

Date Posted: 05-13-2021

No one gains anything from sitting in a 60-90 meeting. Most of us start to lose focus after the first 20 minutes or so and then by the hour mark, we are thinking about lunch or pondering which of our poor life decisions got us stuck in the meeting in the first place. View More

Calculate the amount of time that has elapsed between two dates in Microsoft Excel.

Calculate the time elapsed between two dates in Excel with DATEDIF

Date Posted: 05-05-2021

Have you ever needed to determine the amount of time that has elapsed between two dates in order to determine the amount to invoice a client? The DATEDIF function allows you to specify a date range and calculate the amount of time that had elapsed in Months, Days, or Years. View More

change control board

Make your computer faster by cleaning junk files automatically

Date Posted: 04-18-2021

Your computer, much like your closet, can become cluttered with junk. When you are low on space, you may notice your computer performing sluggishly, apps loading slowly or an inability to update or download files due to lack of memory. This can be remedied by using the Disk Cleanup utility in Windows.  View More

Use your CRM to keep sales and operations working together in harmony.

Sales and Operations One CRM

Date Posted: 04-12-2021

Your CRM is not only a significant business investment but one of the most valuable tools your company has at its disposal. View More

Review your employees performance and either reward or punish.

Performance Review Template

Date Posted: 04-07-2021

To be truly effective, performance reviews need to provide an open dialogue for discussion between the employee and the employer. Now, employers must be realistic, employees are not going to be 100% honest with you about EVERYTHING they are feeling for obvious reasons. View More

Work from home, save money and increase efficiency.

Save money and increase efficiency by working from home

Date Posted: 02-12-2021

As the pandemic has painfully taught us, failing to QUICKLY adapt to this increasingly remote landscape can result in the demise of your business. Working from the office may seem like the only way to operate since its all most of us have ever known. View More

Keep the project on schedule and under budget by dealing with scope creep.

Recognizing and dealing with Scope Creep

Date Posted: 02-07-2021

Even the most well-defined scope with the most seasoned team can fall victim to scope creep. Scope creep occurs when the original scope is expanded upon. This typically results in greater costs, tighter time constraints, and more stress for the team. View More