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invoice generator free

server name creator

Server Name Generator

Date Posted: 08-21-2022

Create a cool and catchy name for your Discord, Minecraft, or other server. Generate thousands of ideas in a matter of moments! View More

username generator

Username Maker

Date Posted: 08-14-2022

Make a unique, memorable username that will help keep your account secure. Fill out a short form and let our robots do the rest. View More

open source crm cost

The True Costs Of Open Source Software

Date Posted: 08-07-2022

Open source software does not require a license fee but it is almost never a totally free solution. Here are some costs you may not be thinking about. View More

advice for employees

Bad Career Advice

Date Posted: 08-01-2022

Here are some pieces of advice that are just horrible for your career and personal life. Ignore these suggestions at all costs! View More

exercise at home

Work From Home Exercise

Date Posted: 07-31-2022

Working from home can be great for your exercise routine since you have more freedom than you do in the office. View More

my job is stressing me out

Creative Ways To Reduce Stress At Work

Date Posted: 07-25-2022

Are you stressed at work? Here are some creative ways to make your job less stressful and protect your mental health. View More

are corporate events worth it

Disadvantages Of Corporate Events

Date Posted: 07-24-2022

There are a number of disadvantages to hosting corporate events at your company. The worst of which is the undue burdon it places on employees. View More

am i productive

How To Measure Productivity

Date Posted: 07-18-2022

Wondering how to measure productivity at your business? Here are some proven methods of making the most of your workday. View More

cringe at the office

The most cringe worthy phrases at work

Date Posted: 07-17-2022

These are some of the most cringe worth phrases being used at offices all over the world. I bet you have used a few of these yourself! View More

is wfh better than in office

Advantages Of Working From Home

Date Posted: 07-12-2022

Here are some advantages of working from home that you will not find anywhere else. Both employees and employers will benefit greatly from virtual life! View More