Rent Increase Calculator

rent increase calculator

No one is ever happy about an increase in their monthly bills, especially for something as important as rent. Decent Landlords and building owners also don't enjoy the process as it typically means their costs have gone up as well.

Why Did My Rent Go Up?

Things like increases from HOA, home owners insurance premium increases, and property taxes can result in your landlord increasing your rent.

Can I refuse to pay my increased rent?

Yes, you can refuse to pay but you may be subject to penalties and eviction. Similarly, landlords can also refuse to pay their HOA fees or taxes but then they'd be subject to property seizure and other finacial penalties.

How to Calculate Your Rent Increase

  1. Review Your Lease: Look for rent increase terms and notice periods.
  2. Know Local Laws: Be aware of local rent increase limits and required notices.
  3. Calculate Increase: Apply the method from your lease or local law to your current rent.
  4. Check Notice Period: Make sure you received the increase notice on time.
  5. Talk to Your Landlord: Discuss any concerns about the increase.

To determine what your increase in rent was as a percentage, enter your original rent and then your new monthly rent into my rent increase percentage calculator. Then, if you know it, enter the maximum allowable increase for your state or county.

Finally, click the generate button and my robots will tell you what the increase is and how it compares to the legal allowable increase.

Percentage Rent Increase Calculator

Increases in costs are never a good thing when it comes to your home or business. Both landlords and tenants can both stand to benefit from some additional cash to combat these inevitable price hikes.

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 1/24/2024