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What is the best project management tool?

The best project management software isn't always the one that pops up first on your Google searches. In fact, the results with the word "sponsored" above them just happened to pay the most for a spot on the results.

As such, it's important to realize that the best tool is whichever one works best for your business. You don't need an expensive subscription to HubSpot or Salesforce for your company to achieve its true potential.

All you need to do is capture your company's project management and find a product that meets at least 80% of those requirements. For the remaining 20%, you'll either need to compromise or work with a vendor that'll willing to customize for you.

I&apo;ve worked with close 50 different project management apps over the years and found all of them to either be too expensive or severely lacking in the collaboration department. So, instead of compromising, I decided to build my own.

Super Easy CRM is by far the best collaborative project management around. Here is a quick summary of its main project management features and demo video showcasing the only business app you will ever need.

Super Easy CRM

  • Founder Matt Irving - Software Engineer and PMP certified project manager.
  • Founded in 2019
  • Project Management - Super intuitive project management that supports templates. Simply build your project once, and re-use it as a template for other projects.
  • Workflow Automation - Set tasks or notices to automatically create based on statuses and milestones that you define.
  • Support Tickets - No need to pair your project management solution with Jira or ServiceNow, submit and manage support tickets from the project directly.
  • Customizable - Add fields, statuses, and anything else your business needs completely free of charge.

Here is a quick clip of Super Easy's project templates in action!

When you constantly work on the same type of project, developing a solid, editable template can save tons of data entry time. It'll also help reduce clerical errors that arise when entering repetitive information into a system

Templating things is great but unless you are working on a project solo, you'll want to work with a person or two to get things done. This is also an area where Super Easy makes things super easy...pun intended.

With the project module, you'll be able to view the project team. This view allows the project manager to see exactly what everyone is working on.

cloud project team management

And more importantly, identify any potential bottlenecks that may delay the completion of the project. This is also a nice place to consult frequently to ensure you aren't over allocating anyone.

Burn out is real and happens a lot more than people care to admit. Be sure not only to look at the number of tasks but what level of effort they require as well.

Some tasks require a great deal more effort than others and should be treated accordingly when delegating duties to individuals.

Instant Messaging

Instant messaging is vital for communicating in remote environments. Unlike e-mails, IMs are quick and generally informal ways of communicating vital information about the project.

Just be sure to let all users at your company know what you consider acceptable use of instant messaging. You likely don&apo;t want people sending pictures, videos, or other potentially harmful material from the Internet.

In addition, letting people know that all company-owned chat logs are subject to review will lessen the chance of a person sending inappropriate messages to a colleague. The anonymity of the Internet makes otherwise shy people very bold which can be tragic in some cases.

The best instant messaging platform for work in my opinion is Microsoft Teams. Teams come with most business subscriptions to Office 365 and provide an easy way to message and call colleagues without paying for individual phone lines.

I prefer MS Teams over business cell phones for two major reasons. The most important of which is that it allows for a clear separation of home and work life.

Employees should not be expected to be as available as business owners are and should't be bothered when their shift ends. Having people use the desktop version of Teams exclusively will ensure that they are only contacted for work-related matters during work hours.

The second reason is that business phones are notoriously hard to secure. People leave phones at airports, talk loud on them, and use easily guessed passwords constantly.

The weakest link in every cyber security plan is the user themselves. So, why add another attack vector to your company when you don't need to?

Collaboration is the key to leading successful projects. With a combination of instant messaging platforms like Teams and a collaborative project management tool like Super Easy, you'll be well on your way to delivering projects on-time and under budget!

Matt Irving is the CEO of Super Easy Tech, LLC.
Matt is the founder of Make It Super Easy and Super Easy CRM. He is a passionate software engineer, tech blogger, and gamer. Feel free to connect on any of the platforms listed below.

Posted by: Matt Irving on 3/05/2023