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Manage Operations and Sales from Home or Office

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  • Lead Tracking

  • Project Managment

  • Workflow Automation

  • Analytics

  • Ticketing System

Reports and business insights on demand

No need to store or manipulate tons of data on your own. We'll securely house your data so you can generate reports whenever you want!


Workflow Management and Task Monitoring

Never miss a deadline with our innovative workflow management tool. Tasks can be asssigned and assessed a priority. From there, you can monitor the workflow around the clock to ensure business operations are running smoothly.

Name Task Priority Status Date Assigned
Malcolm X Give Ballet or Bullet speech. Urgent Complete 4/3/1964
Martin Luther King Give I Have a Dream speeach. Urgent Complete 8/28/1963
Barack Obama Run for President. Urgent Complete 2/10/2007
W.E.B DuBois Get a PhD. Medium Complete 8/20/1895
Matt Irving Create Super Easy CRM! High Complete 11/1/2019
Matt Irving Play Minecraft. Low In Progress 03/03/2021

Realtime Task Status Updates

Set tasks statuses to let teammates and supervisors know when tasks are complete or you're in need of help. Graphs will update dynamically to reflect the latest changes to statuses in the workfow.

Import and Export Data

Your data is your data! It belongs to you and no one else. Easily import your data from other sources using our simple import tool. We provide the template for your data and all you have to do is format and import. If you're more comfortable with us handling the import, we can do so at no charge to you.

Store Policies, Create Job Aids and Much More!

Manage both sales and operations by creating and storing job aids and company policies. Employees will be able to access the instructions they need to complete the job without consulting a bulky manual or constantly calling their supervisor. Our tool empowers employees to work indepently which in turn increases employee morale, decreases operational costs and reduces errors.


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