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CRM For Small Businesses

stress-free software!

Stress free CRM software
  • Lead Tracking

  • Project Managment

  • Workflow Automation

  • Analytics

  • Ticketing System

Simple, powerful and elegant reports

Business intelligence made easy!

Stress free CRM software
Stress free CRM software


Manage business operations

Workflow Managment

Never miss a deadline with our innovative workflow management tool. Tasks can be asssigned and assessed a priority. From there, you can monitor the workflow around the clock to ensure business operations are running smoothly.

Manage your workflow

Monitor Tasks

Set tasks statuses to let teammates and supervisors know when tasks are complete or you're in need of help. Graphs will update dynamically to reflect the latest changes to statuses in the workfow.

Automate tasks



Keep up with your sales pipeline so no one slips through the cracks. Receive automated messages to keep stakeholders aprised of all updates as leads progrss through the pipeline.



Work with both internal and external teams with virtual project mangement. The project module employs the Project Managment Institute's best practices and guidelines for project management.



View and manage your contacts here. Keep your current clients happy by ensuring regular contact, either via email or phone call.



Log various organizations and companies. Companies can be associated with multiple contacts and projects. You can also track tickets and their status for indivdual companies.



Need some help? Or maybe you need to assign someone to help another team member. Either way, this tool will help you get the right people involved and track ticket resolution every step of the way.



Create stunning visuals with this tool. You can also dive deep into analytics to make sound business decisions. Executive reports are presentation ready and analyst reports are available for those wishing to take a deep dive into their data.