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The best CRM system names are short and memorable. Companies like Super Easy CRM, SugarCRM, vTigerCRM, and many others rely on including CRM in the name of the system.

This is a great strategy but may not work well for your unique brand. By using my tool below, you will gain access to thousands of cool and catchy names for your CRM system.

If you are still stuck on a name, here are some more amazing ideas for your CRM project.

  • Walkthebeat
  • Transparesee
  • Infinitely
  • Organic Intelligence
  • Sales Smasher
  • Revive Leads
  • Zombie Leads
  • God Tier
  • OHKO - one hit knock out
  • LeadersCRM
  • Convert
  • MassivePipeline
  • SegmentCRM
  • Trafficop
  • BeyondSales
  • GalaxySales
  • EasyConversions
  • TalkTheWalk
  • ProjectPro
  • StartingPoint
  • Certifiable
  • MentalHealth
  • MassConvert
  • Digital Dynasty
  • Virtual Watercooler
  • WatercoolerCRM
  • Blackboard CRM
  • iHateStickyNotes
  • DataDriven
  • DataDrivers
  • Analysister
  • BelieveinCRM
  • StrategyGiven
  • RunItUp
  • PlentyOfTime
  • MyTimeOff
  • NoDowntime
  • CloudLife
  • Cloud Data
  • Simple Server
  • Here2Serve
  • SwitchCRM
  • NetworkCRM
  • HelpingHearts
  • LifesWork
  • WorkEasy
  • WorkSmarter
  • iHateCRM
  • iLoveCRM
  • ClientCalls
  • 360Contacts
  • Cascade CRM
  • AgileWaterfall
  • 365Projects
  • DarkRedCRM
  • Celadon CRM
  • CRM City
  • HealingHearts
  • Countless Leads
  • Pipleline Power
  • RangerCRM
  • CreativeSpot
  • Endpoint
  • DivineCRM

Now that I have a cool name, what do I do?

If you thought finding a name was hard, wait until you start building your CRM! A CRM, like most web-based applications, requires a few main components.

Individual needs will vary but at a minimum, you will need the below to get your new CRM system operational.

  • Web Server - This can be any server of your choosing but you will need to be sure it allows HTTPS (web traffic) through
  • Backend Language - Python, PHP, and Java are popular choices for backend logic and there are many skilled developers available (like the guy who wrote this article).
  • Frontend Server - Since this is a web application you will undoubtedly be using HTML, CSS, and some JavaScript. As such you will need to employ the services of front end developer or learn the skills yourself.
  • Hosting Service - Amazon Web Services is probably to most reliable and easiest to scale but also has the steepest learning curve. You can also run up a hefty bill if you don't configure it appropriately. For this reason, when you are just starting out places like PythonAnywhere, CPanel, BlueHost, or Rackspace are better.
  • Domain Name - This is probably the cheapest thing you will buy but it is one of the most important. It needs to be short enough to fit on business card but appealing enough for a prospect to remember.

Overall, building a CRM system from the ground up is a very costly business move. Of course, you can cut down most of the development cost if you are able to program yourself.

What is the best programming language for a CRM

The best programming language to develop your CRM in is the one you are most familiar with. Contrary to what you read on Reddit or Stackoverflow, there is no "best" programming language.

Some languages are better in some areas but all do pretty much the same thing. The only exception is if you are planning on creating a mobile variant of your CRM.

If you are, developing your application in Java or React might be easier to manage than if you created it in Python or PHP, for example. Be sure to research the adoption rates for mobile applications within your niche before investing a ton of time and money.

Remember, just because you can do something does not mean you should.

How should I market my CRM

A CRM business falls under the category of B2B or Business to Business. This means your primary consumers will be businesses not individuals.

As such, you will need to cater your marketing approach to target business owners or those authorized to make large purchases on behalf of an organization.

The best place to find such individuals is LinkedIn. Although most posts as of late are terribly cringey, it is undeniably the best place to find people looking to do business.

Through your LinkedIn campaign, you can give out redeemable promo codes to help boost your conversion rate. People love to save on great products, especially small business owners.

Although CRM systems are primarily used by businesses, many entrepreneurs use a personal CRM to keep their tasks and appointments organized. Whoever you target, try to find a niche like productivity software for lawyers, for example, instead of targeting a broad demographic.

You'll have much better conversion rates and spend less on ads.

Matt Irving is the CEO of Super Easy Tech, LLC.
Matt is the CEO of Super Easy Tech and creator of Super Easy CRM. He is a passionate software engineer, tech blogger, and gamer. Feel free to connect on any of the platforms listed below.

Posted by: Matt Irving on 01/04/2022