Long Riddles: Give your brain the workout it deserves!

long riddle

A good riddle helps sharpen your mind

Just like push ups help build a stronger chest, riddles have been proven to bolster critical thinking skills. If you're looking to be more productive and become a better entrepreneur, try solving a good riddle each day.

I've structured the riddles with answers below similar to weight training routine. A set will consist of multiple "reps" with increasing difficulty along the way. Read the riddle, then click the "show answer" button to see if you were right.

Negotiator's Tool

More than just words, I'm a skill quite refined. I bridge gaps, leaving disputes behind. With me, terms are agreed, hands intertwined. In business battles, I'm oftentimes assigned. What am I?

Brand's Beacon

Neither a lantern nor a light, yet I help brands shine bright. I symbolize their core, their essence pure; to their audience, I'm a sight sure. What am I?

Entrepreneur's Gamble

It's not in a casino, nor a game of dice, yet it determines failure or a prize. Business minds face it, eyes on the peak; without it, success they cannot seek. What am I?

Entrepreneur's Fuel

Not coffee, tea, or a hearty meal, but without me, deals wouldn't seal. I'm the spark, the drive, the zeal; every businessperson knows my appeal. What am I?

Corporate Ladder

In offices wide and corridors long, I'm the path where ambitions throng. Not made of wood, metal, or stone, yet climbing me is a feat well-known. What am I?

Market's Pulse

I rise, I fall, with global call. Investors watch with bated breath, as I dance between profit and death. Not alive, yet I have a charted beat. In the business world, I'm elite. What am I?

The Timeless Traveler

I am not a clock, yet time is what I track. I move forward, never back, but never leave my track. What am I?

The Tale of the Enchanted Forest

In a land far away, where the moon shines brighter than day, there's a forest where legends reside. The trees whisper tales of heroes who tried to seek a treasure many desired but failed. I am not gold, nor a gem to be sold. I don't shimmer, nor glow, nor am I old. I can't be held, but I can be told. I'm not a thing, yet my value is more than what kings and queens hold. What am I?

The Guardian of Dreams

In the realm where shadows play, and night chases away the day, a guardian stands tall and true, protecting dreams, both old and new. Neither beast of land or sky, yet it has wings that can't truly fly. It watches over your bed, silent words left unsaid. What is it?

The Ageless Voyager

I sail across centuries, through tales of knights and seas. I've seen empires rise and fall, yet never aged at all. I can transport you to any place, yet remain in one space. What am I?

The Wizard's Enchanted Pet

In a tower, high and grand, a wizard's pet roams the land. It's not of fur or feather or scale, but leaves a luminous, glowing trail. Silent in its nightly flight, illuminating with soft light. What is it?

The Forest's Forgotten Path

Deep in woods where secrets lie, there's a path that meets the eye. It's not of dirt or stone-carved way, but changes with each passing day. Creatures walk but leave no track, so tell me, what is this trackless track?

The Ancient Sentinel

In cities old and streets anew, I stand tall, watching over you. I've been around for ages long, yet no breath, no voice, no song. Always standing, rain or shine, through history's march, I've been a sign. What am I?

The Timeless Tale

Neither bound, nor truly free, I tell tales of land and sea. I exist in thoughts, in whispers, in glee, a narrative that's forever changing me. Not written or sung, yet known to some. What am I?

Keeper of a Thousand Souls

In the mage's lofty hall, there sits a sphere, shining and tall. It captures tales, joys, and fears, moments of laughter, and years of tears. A reflection of life, wild and tame, yet it's not a mirror, so what's its name?

The Labyrinth of Thoughts

Within a chamber, dark and deep, lies a maze that doesn't sleep. It's neither stone nor made of hedge, but holds dreams, thoughts, knowledge on its edge. No minotaur to chase you here, but losing oneself is a genuine fear. What is it?

The Eternal Traveler

I've journeyed around the world without ever leaving my spot. I've witnessed every corner, every mountain, every plot. Though I'm vast and wide, I can be held side to side. What am I?

Nature's Clock

I rise in the east and set in the west, providing warmth and light on my daily quest. A constant traveler, yet I never stray, always on time, day after day. What am I?

Echoes of Lifetimes

I capture moments, both joyous and sad, preserving memories, both good and bad. I can freeze time, if only for a while, evoking emotions, a tear or a smile. What am I?

The Invisible Force

I push, I pull, unseen yet real. Sailors feel me but can't give me a seal. I can be soft, or I can roar, shaping the dunes along the shore. What am I?

Nature's Sculptor

Over time, with patience and care, I carve valleys and canyons, leaving my mark there. Mountains bow to my persistent embrace, shaping the earth, leaving beauty in my trace. What am I?

The Time Keeper

Not a clock, nor watch by name, yet I mark the seasons just the same. My appearance shifts as days go by, from waxing crescent to full in the sky. What am I?

Endless Highway

I stretch far and wide, from city to countryside. Cars travel on me night and day, but I remain and never sway. With lanes and lines, I guide the way. What am I?

Liquid Jewel

Clear and precious, I am sought by all. In deserts, I'm rare, in forests, I fall. Quenching your thirst, in rivers I sprawl. Life's essence, they call. What am I?

Nature's Lullaby

Heard, but not seen, I whisper through trees. Calming the anxious, putting minds at ease. Sometimes I'm a breeze, sometimes a gust, always moving, in me you trust. What am I?

Matt Irving is the CEO of Super Easy Tech, LLC.
Matt is the CEO of Super Easy Tech and creator of Super Easy CRM. He is a passionate software engineer, tech blogger, and gamer. Feel free to connect on any of the platforms listed below.

Posted by: Matt Irving on 10/29/2023