Is 64 GB iPad Enough?

64 gb ipad air

I recently stepped over into the dark side after being an exclusive Android/Windows user and purchased a 64 Gb 5th Generation iPad Air. I was already well aware of the Apple's ridiculous storage limitations but decided to give the smaller offering a try anyway.

Now, the amount of storage you need depends on the type of user you are. Designers and Those use a ton of local storage will fill up 64 gigs in a matter of months, if not sooner.

But I'm no designer; I almost exclusively develop and use cloud-based applications and seldom ever play mobile games. So, I thought I'd be safe...but I was dreadfully wrong.

The OS consumes around 10% of the available disk space and can never be reduced or removed by the user. In addition, several pre-installed applications that enhance the functionality and performance of the tablet suck up even more space.

There was also a psychological aspect to the limited storage. I often found myself checking the available storage constantly and being afraid to try out new productivity applications and cool games.

I spent more time worrying about storage and uninstalling whatever I could than actually enjoying the product. After a couple of weeks of trying to make the 64 gb storage work, I gave up and exchanged my baby blue iPad for a 256 Gb offering, and I couldn't be happier.

This doesn't mean that the 64gb iPad won't work for anyone. In fact, I've listed a few user types that will probably thrive with the limited hard drive space.

If you are anyone of these types of users, the 64gb is enough.

  • Very casual gamer

    If you play games like Chess, Sonic Dash, or even Roblox you'll be fine. Stay away if you want access to AAA titles Call of Duty and Mortal Kombat.

  • Dedicated Web App User

    If the bulk of the apps you use require a browser to access them, you'll be safe with limited storage. So avid users of Google Sheets, ,Super Easy CRM, and Office 365 online will thrive.

  • Elementary and Middle Schoolers

    Once you hit High School or college, you'll need much more space but young kids will be perfectly fine with this amount of storage unless they play storage-heavy games.

  • Adults completing professional certifications

    Users who've already graduated but are earning certifications like COMPTIA Network or maintaining their continuing education credits will mostly like be using a web app to do so. With the iPad you can also take notes with the overpriced but amazing Apple Pencil.

  • Frequent Travellers

    If you travel a lot and use a laptop for emails, streaming videos, and conference calls, the iPad 64gb is perfect. Well...almost perfect. Should you buy a 5th gen iPad Air or 10th Gen iPad the camera is in portrait mode, which makes for awkward angles on video calls.

To make things a little easier, I found 50 popular iOS games and their storage requirements so you can plan accordingly. Keep in mind, these requirements are subject to change and are likely to increase whenever updates or patches rollout.

No. Game Name Storage Requirement (Estimated)
1Among Us250 MB
2Clash of Clans150 MB
3Fortnite5 GB
4PUBG Mobile4 GB
5Subway Surfers200 MB
6Angry Birds 2300 MB
7Roblox250 MB
8Candy Crush Saga150 MB
9Call of Duty: Mobile3.5 GB
10Pokemon GO300 MB
11Plants vs Zombies100 MB
12Brawl Stars200 MB
13Clash Royale125 MB
14Super Mario Run250 MB
15Hay Day150 MB
16Minecraft350 MB
178 Ball Pool150 MB
18CSR Racing 22.5 GB
19Gardenscapes300 MB
20Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes1 GB
21Heads Up!150 MB
22Slime Road100 MB
23Rise Up60 MB
24Two Dots150 MB
25Toon Blast250 MB
26Rolling Sky150 MB
27Words With Friends 2250 MB
28Trivia Crack300 MB
29Color Road!200 MB
30Helix Jump150 MB
31Fruit Ninja100 MB
32Doodle Jump50 MB
33Cut the Rope150 MB
34Asphalt 9: Legends2 GB
35Dragon Ball Legends1.5 GB
36Sonic Dash200 MB
37Dr. Mario World250 MB
38Tetris100 MB
39Homescapes250 MB
40Wordscapes200 MB
41Merge Dragons!200 MB
42Ballz100 MB
43Jetpack Joyride150 MB
44Genshin Impact6 GB
45Archero200 MB
46Geometry Dash100 MB
47Street Fighter IV CE2 GB
48Granny250 MB
49Crossy Road100 MB
50Temple Run 2150 MB

If you don't play games and productivity apps are more your speed, check out these 50 iOS compatible apps and their storage requirements.

No. App Name Storage Requirement (Estimated)
1Microsoft Office350 MB
2Google Drive200 MB
3Evernote150 MB
4Notion200 MB
5Slack250 MB
6Trello150 MB
7Zoom100 MB
8Dropbox230 MB
9Todoist100 MB
10Asana200 MB
11Google Calendar125 MB
12Microsoft OneNote250 MB
13Apple Notes80 MB
14Microsoft Teams250 MB
15Wunderlist50 MB
16Basecamp100 MB
17Airtable150 MB
18Google Keep100 MB
19Monday.com250 MB
20ClickUp200 MB
21Apple Reminders70 MB
22Google Tasks50 MB
23Quip200 MB
24Grammarly150 MB
25RescueTime80 MB
26Forest80 MB
27Any.do120 MB
28Things 3100 MB
29OmniFocus150 MB
30Timepage100 MB
31Day One Journal150 MB
32TickTick100 MB
33Toggl80 MB
35Workflowy90 MB
36Calendly60 MB
37Streak CRM for Gmail100 MB
38Miro200 MB
39Lucidchart150 MB
40Pocket80 MB
41Instapaper90 MB
42LastPass110 MB
431Password100 MB
44Duolingo210 MB
45Buffer80 MB
46Hootsuite150 MB
47Feedly90 MB
48Spark Email180 MB
49Trello130 MB
50Canva80 MB

Just because you don't fit into one of the user types doesn't mean you should't go with the 64gb iPad Air. Purchase whatever you can afford, and be mindful of the games and applications you download.

Matt Irving is the CEO of Super Easy Tech, LLC.
Matt is the CEO of Super Easy Tech and creator of Super Easy CRM. He is a passionate software engineer, tech blogger, and gamer. Feel free to connect on any of the platforms listed below.

Posted by: Matt Irving on 8/13/2023