Network+ Practice Test

network+ practice exam

How To Pass COMPTIA Network+

I developed this comptia network+ practice test based on the latest exam objectives. My method for passing this and other certifications was to do as many bite sized practice exams as I could. I considered myself ready for the exam whenever I scored 75 percent or better on every net+ practice test.

Of all the COMPTIA certifications I took, I found Network+ to be the most difficult. This could just be due to the fact that I didn't have any networking experience at the time.

Try not to get discouraged by horror stories and people telling you about how many times they failed. Those people are not you and since you are in control of your own fate, you will decide how well you do on this exam.

Take a deep breath and practice enjoy this free multiple choice practice exam. You got this!

1. Which of these is at OSI layer 3?

2. Which of these is the most complex network tology to implement?

3. Which of these is an example of multifactor authentication (i.e. 4 digit pin numbers?

4. What does an amplified DDoS attack target?

5.Which of the following is a separate network segment for systems with a greater risk of compromise?

6. Which is the following is a type of network used to lure in attackers and trap them?

7.Which OSI layer does DHCP snooping take place?

8. A differential backup consumes far more data than a full backup on a Mac OS machine made after 2017?

9. Which of the following commands allows you to view your default server along with its ip address on a Windows machine?

10. Which of the following describes port mirroring?

Performance Based Questions

The COMPTIA Network+ exam contains a few performance based questions. These questions can sometimes be difficult if you aren't familiar with the technologies or terminology the question is using.

Try not to get too hung up on these as there aren't many and some may not count towards your score at all. COMPTIA sometimes throws a few questions into the exam that they are considering including in the next version of their exam.

These questions are sometimes performance based and do not count towards your final score. So, if you encounter a question that is completely different than anything you have seen before, it might be an experimental question.

Performance based questions on the Network+ exam may center around pinging IP addresses, moving ethernet cables into switch ports, network troubleshooting for connectivity issues, and a number of other network administration related tasks.

To give you a feel for these types of questions, here is a free simulator you can practice with.

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 10/12/2022