4 Digit Random Number Generator

randomly generated numbers

Generate random 4 digit numbers for your authentication needs. These numbers can be used for one-time passwords or as PINs for logging into various applications.

In general, it is a good idea to rotate your PIN numbers often to reduce your chance of being exploited by a hacker.

To create your own unique four-digit number, simply click the generate button below and I'll handle the rest!

Now that you have your 4 digit number, here are some interesting facts about passwords.

The Most Common Password

The most common password is 1234. It's almost as easy to remember as it is easy to guess for hackers.

How many combinations can be made with 4 numbers?

4-digit numbers whose digits are 0 through 9, can be set up in 10,000 different combinations. This makes four-digit PIN numbers hard to guess, yet easy to remember.

How Often Should I Change My PIN Number?

While individual needs may vary, most security professionals recommend that you change your PIN every 3 - 6 months. In addition to this, its also a good idea to change your username around this time as well, if possible.

More than 50% of people use either their name or birthdate in their password

An alarming number of people include things like their names, the names of their spouses, or their birthdates in their password. This information is easily discovered online making the account super easy to hack.

Longer passwords are way more secure than they are annoying

On average it will take over 60 trillion times longer to crack a 12-digit password than a 6 digit one. This makes it well worth the added annoyance of typing in a longer password to access your favorite applications.

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 12/27/2022