How to use the power of CRM to improve SEO

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Search engine optimization is necessary, no matter what industry you are in. Developing and improving your SEO strategy is essential if you want to build an online presence for your business.

While you can take many different approaches, one of the most efficient ones is to utilize customer data. That is where CRM steps in. Customer Relationship Management software has become increasingly popular in the past decade.

After continuous use, marketers figured out how to use the power of CRM to improve SEO. Even though the two seem unrelated, they are connected in more ways than you think. Let's see how!

What is Customer relationship management software?

Before discussing various tactics to improve SEO, let's first define CRM. This software is a very versatile tool that helps businesses optimize customer relationships.

It is not important whether we talk about social media, the company website, or any other channel of communication, CRM covers it all. One of the biggest strengths of CRM is that it provides a single database that stores all the customer data. The database is available to all teams, and any employee can use it. Aside from that, CRM also offers a variety of valuable tools:

  • a centralized database
  • management tools for tracking contacts and leads
  • sales pipeline management tool
  • functionalities to automate marketing and sales processes
  • various analyses and reporting about profitability and customer segmentation

As you can see, you can input many types of data in CRM. The most important part is to understand how to use the power of CRM to improve SEO.

How to use the power of CRM to improve SEO strategy

SEO is a vast topic. It has so many different areas, but the general classification splits it into two groups:

  • on-page SEO
  • off-page SEO

On-page SEO generally deals with any elements of the website that affect your SERP rating. That includes keywords, titles, metadata, image optimization, website speed, tags, content, the amount of traffic, website accessibility, optimization for mobile devices, and so on.

Off-page SEO is the type of optimization that deals with elements not directly connected to your websites. That would usually be social media management, citations, link building, public directories, PR, PPC advertising, and many others.

After speaking with the professionals from Convert More, here is how they define the connection between CRM and SEO and how CRM affects various SEO elements.

Optimize keywords with CRM data

One of the most fundamental elements of SEO is keywords. These are unique phrases that potential customers use to find your small business online. To improve keyword research, you need to utilize CRM data and gain insight into the thoughts and wishes of your customers.

For example, you can use lead analysis and lead scoring functionality to understand where your leads are coming from. In addition, you can also keep track of your competition. Furthermore, CRM also allows you to research specific keywords and improve landing pages, as well as content on your website.

How to make your content more relevant

We initially mentioned how this database keeps all customer data in one place. That allows you to analyze traffic, engagement, and retention metrics and build your content around these metrics.

Furthermore, you can understand more about what type of content attracts your clients the most. Once you pinpoint it, you can produce more of the same kind of content.

Why is this important? Because Google values quality content more than anything else. On top of that, customers want value out of your business. The better the content, the more authority you get in the field, and people start to respect you more.

What if you are running a multi-location business?

We can all agree that multi-location companies face the same problem. They cannot align their SEO efforts due to customer differences in each location. SEO becomes more difficult because you are working with different groups of targeted audiences.

Since CRM uses one comprehensive database, managing data becomes more accessible, even from different locations. The usual issues with data collection and customer segmentation, managing leads across multiple locations, and using other channels to communicate with customers all seem to fade away with the help of CRM.

Because CRM uses a single database, you can easily segment customers for each location. This way, your SEO efforts will not be jeopardized due to location-based factors.

Furthermore, internal communication with teams that work on multiple locations also becomes simple. They do not have to manage multiple databases for every location. That usually creates outdated or duplicate data and creates issues with access.

CRM helps not just SEO but also SEM strategies

Search engine optimization and marketing are two different terms, but they work together. One thing to understand is that SEM strategies directly affect your SEO efforts. An efficient marketing approach will drive more traffic to your website, thus increasing the search rating.

That is why marketers also like to use CRM to help their marketing strategies. It indirectly boosts SEO by creating precise profiles about the most profitable customers. Furthermore, it allows you to improve products and services. And it also accounts for seasonal factors and various circumstances that might affect your marketing strategy.

Another significant benefit is that metrics on sales and lead analysis directly improve SEM strategies. If you invest in CRM and get premium features, you can utilize all of its functionalities to optimize all parts of your business.

CRM also helps to improve online reputation

When satisfied with your products, customers leave positive comments on social media or share a link to your website. Or they leave a good review of your business. Another thing that happens is word-of-mouth marketing.

And, when your online reputation goes up, your search index improves.

CRM improves content and services on your website, building a trustworthy connection with your clients. That connection will positively affect SEO rating.

CRM and SEO must work together

There is no doubt that CEM and SEO must work together, even if you are just starting a business. That mostly seems impossible because CRM can cost a lot of money. However, it is also possible to find free CRM online.

With that in mind, no financial limitations will prevent you from using the power of CRM to improve SEO. Start today, and your business will quickly grow!

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 11/14/2022