Valentine's Day Trivia

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Valentine's Day is the time of year to overspend on gifts for that special person in your life. It's kind of like diet Christmas in a way.

While you run around shopping for gifts, enjoy these multiple choice Valentine's Day trivia questions

1. According to Hallmark, how many greeting cards are sold in the U.S. each year?

2. What year was the did the first Valentine's Day take place?

3. Before it became of symbol of love, what did the heart originally symbolize?

4. What is the scientific name for a love bird?

5. Red roses are said to be the favorite of which Roman God(dess)?

6. About how many roses are prepared each year for Valentine's Day?

7. Which Valentine's Day gift do people spend the most money on?

8. True or False: Conversation hearts originally started out as medical lozenges.

9. How many marriage proposals are there each year on Valentine's Day?

10. What is the single person's alternative holiday to V-Day known as?

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 01/16/2022