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Should you provide a two week notice?

A two week notice is not required by law but it does help lessen the likelihood that a former employer will provide a negative review should you use them as a reference in the future. However, there are many valid reasons to leave a job without notice. Sexual harassment, or any other form of abuse is always a valid reason to leave immediately. Admittedly, providing notice of your resignation reeks of hypocrisy as an employer certainly will not give you advance notice if they decide to terminate you.

When should you deliver your resignation?

Only inform your current employer of your intent to resign if you receive a signed offer letter from your future employer. Make sure you have something in writing that indicates your start date, position, and any other benefits you are entitled to. It's imperative that you keep your pending resignation a secret from everyone. If anyone at your current job gets wind of you quitting, you may find yourself leaving before you intended.

Things to look out for in your final two weeks

Be prepared for your current employer to ask you leave as soon as you hand them your resignation letter. Some employers may feel insulted or hurt by your intention to depart. Pay them no mind as you can rest assured that they would have terminated you if they felt they had to. Try to save at least 2 weeks of pay so that you and your family won't endure any hardship.

Your colleagues might also turn on you. Some companies behave more like a street gang than a professional organization unfortunately. This may mean that your actions will be viewed as a sign of disloyalty, and you may receive snide remarks from co-workers. Again, ignore this type of negativity. If they really cared about you, they would wish you well and exchange personal emails to network in the future.

What should you do in your final two weeks?

In your final two weeks at your job, try to close out as many outstanding projects as possible. Ensure the organization has everything they need to transition your tasks to another individual. You'll want to leave a good impression on not only the supervisors, and owners, but co-workers as well. If you have enough time, try and reach out to vendors you've worked with and wish them well. This is also a great time to get connected with people on Linkedin, so share your profile liberally.