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How much will it cost to tow my car?

To determine how much you'll pay for a tow, you'll need to first determine the distance between where you're stuck and your destination. Keep in mind that if you're getting a tow to a repair shop, the shop may cover the cost of the tow so long as you get your work done there.

If you just need to get it home until you figure out your next move, simply enter the current location of your vehicle into Google Maps and set the destination to your residence. Once you've got the miles use my free towing estimate calculator to get an idea of what you'll pay the tow truck guy.

Remember, most places will charge what's known as a "hook up" fee on top of the mileage charge. My calculator uses the national average tow rate of $3.50 per mile and a hook up fee of at least $50. Of course, invidual prices may vary especially if you live in Florida, New York, or California!

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 10/01/2023