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Python has been my go-to programming language for nearly 100% of my projects for the past few years. It's ridiculously versatile and with frameworks like Flask and Django, you write much less code than you do with other languages.

My obsession with Python led me to create this fun but challenging Python Quiz. Feel free to share with a fellow Python Engineer.

1. Why would you use the pass statement?

2. Which one of these statements is true about keys in a dictionary?

3. What does the __init__method do?

4. Which one of these methods is not available in Python's list data type?

5. Which is these is NOT a Python framework?

6. What is the output of this code?


7. If this code is executed, what will happen?

a = ['', '', '']
b = ['', '', '']
c = a
print(a is b, a is c)

8. What will the output of this Python code be if executed?

list_of_stuff = [1, 'Python', 3, 'PHP', 5]
del list_of_stuff[1:3]

9. Which of the following is NOT a valid Python comparison operator?

10. Which of these will produce a sytax error?

Now that you've taken and probably aced my quiz on Python. Enjoy some fun facts about everyone's favorite programming language.

  1. 🐍 Python has a framework for iOS and Android applications called Kivy. It's not super popular but still pretty cool.
  2. 🐍 I was created in 1991 by a developer nameed Guido van Rossum.
  3. 🐍 The comedy Monty Python was the inspiration for the name of the language.
  4. 🐍 Python is executed line by line making it an interpreted programming language.
  5. 🐍 As you can tell from the code snippets Python doesn't mess around with gross curly braces or semicolons. Rather it uses whitespace indentation which makes code easier to read.
  6. 🐍 It is versatile enough to support different programming paradigms like OOP (object oriented programming), procedural, and functional.
  7. 🐍 Python supports multiple programming paradigms, including procedural, object-oriented, and functional programming.
  8. 🐍 Flask (my personal favorite) and Django are Python's most popular frameworks for web development.
  9. 🐍 Python's package manager is adorably known as PIP and allows developers to easily install 3rd party packages.
  10. 🐍 Python has a strong community that actively develops and maintains a vast ecosystem of third-party libraries and frameworks.
  11. 🐍 Python is the most popular language on GitHub when it comes to active repositories. I actually have about 12 or so myself.
  12. 🐍 The company that produced the world's first productivity CRM, Super Easy CRM, uses Python heavily in its stack.
  13. 🐍 The Rasberry Pi machines use Python and are a ton of fun to work with.

Matt Irving is the CEO of Super Easy Tech, LLC.
Matt is the CEO of Super Easy Tech and creator of Super Easy CRM. He is a passionate software engineer, tech blogger, and gamer. Feel free to connect on any of the platforms listed below.

Posted by: Matt Irving on 4/23/2023