New Years Trivia

black woman ringing in the new year

New Years brings cold weather, resolutions, and new opportunities. The possibilities are endless once you start off fresh with a new 365 days.

Another fun thing that the New Year brings is my new years trivia questions and answers below.

1. How long ago was the first New Years celebration?

2. When was the first ball dropped in New York?

3. How heavy was the first New Years ball in New York?

4. What percentage of New Years resolutions are dropped by February?

5. In Miami, what is dropped instead of a ball?

6. About how many glasses of sparkling wine do Americans drink on New Year's?

7. Who started the tradition of kissing on New Year's?

8. True or False: Christmas Island is the first place to ring in the New Year.

9. True or False: Wearing red underwear on New Year's is considered good luck in Italy.

10. A ban on what led to the created of the ball drop tradition in the United States?

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 12/30/2022