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Martin Luther King Jr was a courageous man that fought and died for the freedoms many of us enjoy today. In fact, this site would not exist if MLK didn't risk it all to make it possible for black men like me to get a decent education.

In honor of this iconic American hero, I threw together this together a challenging set of Martin Luther King trivia questions. Enjoy, and be sure to share with your friends and family even when it isn't black history month!

1. When was Martin Luther King Jr born?

2. What year was the "I Have a Dream" speech delivered?

3. How many siblings does MLK have?

4. What group did Martin Luther King Jr co-found in 1957?

5. Finish the line from "I Have A Dream". have a dream that one day even the state of Mississippi, a state sweltering with the...

6. What group did King organize to with the goal of creating a multiracial army of the poor?

7. Which one of these sad, miserable, racist clowns assassinated Martin Luther King Jr.?

8. True or False: Martin Luther King Jr's original name was Michael.

9. Which U.S. president made MLK day a national holiday?

10. Which discipline did MLK earn a degree in?

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 01/12/2022