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Linkedin is a strange place that supplies its users with nearly unlimited amounts of cringe posts and weird, cult-like devotionals to companies by employees.

But, it is the place to be for B2B marketing and for job seekers. So, you'll have to deal with cringe if you want to thrive there.

If you're like me and have trouble translating your speech into LinkedIn, allow my to AI assist. Simply pick a category and a LinkedIn-ready profile will be yours instantly.

Once you have your profile bio, its time to move on the headline section. Here are some ideas to help you get started.

Linkedin Headlines Examples

  • Experienced Software Developer specializing in Python and React
  • Passionate Marketing Professional with a Focus on Brand Strategy
  • Project Manager with Expertise in Agile Methodologies
  • Customer Success Manager dedicated to Delivering Exceptional Service
  • Experienced Financial Analyst with a Strong Track Record of Results
  • HR Manager with Expertise in Talent Acquisition and Retention
  • Software Engineer skilled in Full-Stack Development and AWS
  • Entrepreneur with a Focus on Sustainable and Ethical Business Practices
  • Experienced Sales Professional with a Focus on SaaS Solutions
  • Experienced UX Designer passionate about User-Centered Design
  • Senior Project Manager with Expertise in Cross-Functional Team Leadership
  • Front-End Developer skilled in React, Vue.js, and Angular
  • Marketing Manager with a Strong Background in Content Strategy
  • Customer Experience Manager dedicated to Creating Exceptional Journeys
  • Product Manager with Expertise in Agile Development and Lean Startup
  • Experienced Data Scientist with a Strong Background in Machine Learning
  • Operations Manager skilled in Supply Chain Management and Logistics
  • Experienced Account Executive with a Focus on Enterprise Sales
  • Digital Marketing Specialist with Expertise in SEO and PPC
  • Business Analyst with a Strong Track Record of Data-Driven Insights
  • Human Resources Generalist with Expertise in Employee Relations
  • Software Developer skilled in Java and Cloud Computing
  • Experienced Product Owner with a Focus on UX and UI Design
  • Senior Project Coordinator with Expertise in Risk Management
  • Backend Developer extremely skilled in Java, Rails, Roby, and Python
  • Marketing Coordinator with a Strong Background in Social Media
  • Customer Service Representative dedicated to Resolving Issues Quickly
  • Product Marketing Manager with Expertise in Competitive Analysis
  • Experienced Data Analyst with a Focus on Business Intelligence
  • Account Manager skilled in Relationship Building and Negotiation
  • Full-Stack Developer with Expertise in PHP and Laravel
  • Content Marketing Specialist with a Strong Focus on Storytelling
  • Customer Relationship Manager with Expertise in CRM Systems
  • Product Designer with a Focus on User Research and Testing
  • Experienced Scrum Master with a Strong Background in Agile Methodologies
  • Mobile Developer skilled in iOS and Android Development
  • Marketing Analyst with Expertise in Market Research and Segmentation
  • Technical Support Specialist dedicated to Resolving Complex Issues
  • Product Manager with a Focus on User Acquisition and Retention
  • Experienced Business Development Manager with strong background in B2B marketing
  • Web Developer skilled in JavaScript, Python, CSS, and HTML

If you're looking for a job, be sure to include terms that recruiters are looking. Developers, for example, should include their tech stack (Python, JavaScript, Java, etc.) to make themselves easier to find.

Humor can sometimes be effective but mostly for entrepreneurs and business owners. In my experience, many companies are looking for people to execute directives and fall in line, not think outside the box or be themselves.

Regardless of why you're on LinkedIn, do some research on your target industry before building out your profile. A well-thought-out LinkedIn bio and headline can mean the difference between winning leads and being passed over.

Matt Irving is the CEO of Super Easy Tech, LLC.
Matt is the CEO of Super Easy Tech and creator of Super Easy CRM. He is a passionate software engineer, tech blogger, and gamer. Feel free to connect on any of the platforms listed below.

Posted by: Matt Irving on 4/09/2023