Fall Trivia

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When is Autumn?

Autumn starts in September and concludes in November, for those of us that refer to the meteorological calendar. This calendar is what is used to split the year up into four distinct periods, also known as seasons.

The Astronomical calendar, however, typically puts autumn with a starting date towards the end of September. Autumn within this calendar ends in late December.

Regardless of the calendar you use, it's a fun time of year that brings cool weather and some really fun holidays. Both Halloween and Thanksgiving are great and only second to Christmas in terms of popularity.

Another fun thing that comes around fall is my fall trivia questions and answers below.

1. Which of these countries do not refer to Autumn as Fall?

2. How many types of apples are there?

3. Which of these is the name autumn was formally known by?

4. Which country invented bobbing for apples?

5. Vibrant red colors in leaves are caused by what?

6. Fall tourism is also known as?

7. How long did the first Thanksgiving feast last for?

8. True or False: Only Americans refer to autumn as fall.

9. True or False: People born in the fall are statistically more likely to live to 100.

10. Thanksgiving is celebrated on the 4th Thursday in November, when do Canadians celebrate it?

Now that you have taken and aced this fall quiz, here are some autumn fun facts to share with your family and friends.

Bobbing for apples was once a courtship ritual

As strange as it sounds, bobbing for apples was once a way for couples to meet. The apples in the tub of water represented a male who was present at the event.

The women would then bob for the apples in hopes of landing an apple that belong to a male they were interested in. It's weird but I suppose there are worse ways to meet your spouse.

Only Americans call Autumn Fall

Only use Americans still refer to Autumn as Fall. There was a point that it was called this in Britain centuries ago but they have since reverted to calling it Autumn like the rest of the world.

For some reason, people born in the Fall live longer

Statistically speaking, if you want your child to live longer, plan for them to be born in the fall. There are a number of theories surrounding this.

One is that the weather is better and another states there are less seasonal illnesses around this time. Whatever the reason Autumn babies tend to outlive other people.

Both the United States and Canada celebrate Thanksgiving

Although both countries celebrate Thanksgiving, they do so at different times. Canadians celebrate it in October while Americans feast in November.

The histories behind the celebrations are different as well. Canadians celebrating the feast English explorer Martin Frobisher had after arriving in the "New World"

Americans celebrate the feast shared by the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag people.

The name of the 1st day of Fall is Autumn Equinox

The first day of Fall can change from year to year and vary based on which calendar you use to mark it. However, regardless of the day it falls on, the first day is known as the Autumn Equinox. Which is a much cooler name than "the first day of autum".

Chlorophyll decreases during autumn, causing the colors of leaves to change

Chlorophyll is what gives leaves their green color. This decreases drastically in autumn which results in the pretty fall colors we are used to.

Sugar is what gives leaves a red color

When bright light is present, the sugar that is stored in leaves turns them red. Whenever there is a lot of sunshine you will have more of a rich red color in the leaves.

About 80% of North American birds migrate during autumn at night

Since the birds are traveling at night, we can help them by turning out any bright lights we have. Although this may sound counterintuitive, artificial light only confuses and possibly disorients the birds.

The moonlight is all they need to navigate, no Google Maps required!

Testosterone increases in autumn

The testosterone levels of both men and women increase during the autumn months. No one is quite sure why though.

Some theorize that it may be due to ancient mating rituals that are hard coded in our DNA. While others think it has something to do with the decrease in the amount of daylight we get.

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 11/07/2022