Cash on Cash Return Calculator

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What is a good Cash on Cash Return?

While it largely depends on who you're asking, most investors would consider a good cash on cash return to be around 10%. To determine your return, use my free tool below to calculate cash on cash return.

To get the most accurate results, you'll want to figure out your APR, term of your loan from the bank, and a few other things. Feel free to estimate! Once you have all information filled out, simply click the calculate button and let my robots do the math for you.

Calculate Cash on Cash Return

Now that you've got your cash on cash return, you'll need a place to store this information along with other prospective properties. This is where an awesome real estate CRM comes in handy.

CRM for Real Estate Investments

Unlike other CRM systems that are solely designed for sales people, Super Easy CRM is designed to help you maximize productivity through innovative task and project management tools.

One of which is the super intuitive Product management module. Here, real estate investors can store and monitor profitability for all their properties.

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In addition, you can customize the Contacts module to include payment reminders for tenants, maintenance issues, and everything in between. Getting started is super simple, and the founder is only a DM away on Twitter if you have any questions.

Matt Irving is the CEO of Super Easy Tech, LLC.
Matt is the CEO of Super Easy Tech and creator of Super Easy CRM. He is a passionate software engineer, tech blogger, and gamer. Feel free to connect on any of the platforms listed below.

Posted by: Matt Irving on 7/16/2023