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Comptia A+ Exam Questions

This free comptia a+ practice test will help you prepare for the latest COMPTIA A+ exams. To pass Comptia A+ you need to have a firm grasp on the comptia a+ port numbers, troubleshooting methodologies, and some networking (though to lesser extend than the COMPTIA Network+ exam.

I took the test without any prior experience in the field and passed without much trouble. In fact, not having a ton of experience in the field actually provides you with a bit of advantage. This is due to the fact that you will probaly not need to unlearn anything while studying for the exam.

To achieve a passing grade, you will need to solve problems the way COMPTIA wants you to, not how you solve them at work. Being inexperienced means you won't assume as much and will feel inclined to prepare more than a seasoned veteran would. Whether you are a pro or a newcomer, the questions below in addition to a few well crafted flash cards will help get you ready for exam day!

1. Which of these is the correct port number for SSH?

2. Which of these is a protocol for outgoing mail?

3. Which of these RAID types writes data without parity?

4. Which two frequencies does Wifi run on?

5.Which of the following is the largest motherboard that was standarized by Intel?

6. Which is of these issues is most likely the reason for random restarts of a computer made by HP?

7.Which of the below choices describes a Thin client?

8. RJ-11 Jacks are found on most Dell computers manufactured after 2015?

9. What are loopback plugs used for?

10. Which of these is a proper IP address?

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 10/03/2022