Trivia Questions For Work Meetings

fun trivia games for work

Make meetings more tolerable

Most employees don't like meetings. They are long, boring, and sometimes tense. Whether virtual or in-person, engagement is low due to the lack of entertainment being provided.

A nice way to break up the monotony is to play a quick, fun trivia game. As long as its PG rated and contains topics that are somewhat relevant to an employee's life, they should have fun with it!

1. How many mammals are capable of laying eggs?

2. What is the age difference between the youngest US President and the oldest at the respective starts of their first terms?

3. Which of these is a model of a vehicle?

4. Which state has the most Alligators?

5. Which of these is not a type of cloud?

6. Which of these is not considered a Rust Belt state?

7. Which of these is the largest state in land mass in the entire United States?

8. Which of these is the most common element in the universe?

9. Which of is one of the major fields of Anthropology?

10. What does WiFi standard for?

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 8/28/2022