Invasive Species Trivia Questions

invasive animal facts

What are invasive species?

Invasive species are any non-native plants or animals that are introduced into an existing ecosystem. Most of the time, they are brought over by humans either as pets or livestock. See how well you know some of the most popular invasive species below!

1. Which of these is not native to Florida?

2. Which of these U.S. invasive birds have caused around 800 million dollars of damage each year?

3. Which of these U.S. invasive animals is native to southeastern Asia?

4. Of the choices below, which state is home to the most invasive species?

5. Which of the following is considered the "humane" way to euthanize a Cuban Tree Frog?

6. Which of these fish are not native to Florida waters?

7. When did Africanized bees first arrive in America?

8. True or False: The invasive Tegu can run on its hind legs?

9. How many eggs can a female Lion Fish lay in a single year?

10. Which of these invasive birds make their home in Florida?

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 9/20/2022