Halloween Trivia

amazing halloween facts

Halloween Fun Facts

My quiz below will test your knowledge of spooky halloween facts. Halloween folklore dates back centuries and is full of mysteries and See how well you know the second most popular holiday in the United States.

1. From what country did the term Jack-O-Lantun originate?

2. Which state produces the most pumpkins each year?

3. What was candy corn originally known as??

4. In New Jersey, what is the night before Halloween called?

5.Which tradition did trick or treating evolve from?

6. Jack-O-Lanturns are based on which folk tale?

7. When was the Disney classic Hocus Pocus released?

8. True or False: The original spelling of Halloween was Holloween?

9. What is the fear of Halloween known as?

10. What is the fear of bats known as?

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 9/26/2022