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Do healthcare organizations need a CRM?

Healthcare organizations stand to benefit tremendously by implementing a CRM. Unlike other organizations, companies and products won't be the focus of the platform, rather patients and their treatments will. Prior authorizations, follow up appointments, and insurance communications can all be automated so staff can focus on patient care.

Is there a CRM for healthcare?

There are a number of CRM platforms on the market but not very many specifically designed for healthcare. Most are general-purpose tools that can be extended to accommodate the needs of the practice or pharmacy. There is, however, one CRM that was built for organizations to manage their prior authorizations, patient assistance programs, and patient contact points...Super Easy PA!

Patient centric application

crm for patients

Patients are the focus of a healthcare CRM, as such nearly everything in the system revolves around them. Within Super Easy PA, you can access prior authorizations, insurances, notes, documents, and patient assistance applications. One unique feature of the app is the ability to send an SMS to a patient directly from the applications.

These notifications can even be mapped to certain events within the system. For example, you can choose to send a patient a message in the event their prior authorization request is denied or pending with the insurance company. In addition, messages can be customized to suit the organization's needs.

Healthcare insurance information repository

healthcare insurance crm

Super Easy PA is designed to make practices and pharmacies better at eliminating barriers to patient care. To be optimally efficient, it's imperative that practices know how to navigate the labyrinth that is the United States healthcare system.

Organizations will need to keep data on the types of medications and procedures that insurance companies cover so patients are able to start their treatments quicker. Super Easy PA stores approval/denial rates, drug formularies, and the top drugs that require additional review by the insurance for the organization's patient base.

Realtime drug costs

realtime drug cost application

GoodRx is directly integrated with Super Easy PA to keep organizations informed of current drug prices. At times, it may be cheaper to pay cash for certain medications than to use the insurance. This is due to the weird way pharmacy reimbursements and contracting works.

Using the drug module in Super Easy PA will allow members of the practice or pharmacy to inform patients of their finacial options should they be unable to afford their copay or if their medication is not covered by the insurance company.

Patient assistance program management

patient assistance programs

Patient assistance programs assist people who are either underinsured or without insurance obtain medication. This helps patients who are prescribed a medication that their insurance plan does not want to pay for. It can be a literal life saver for many people but applying for assistance can be a hassle.

Much like the insurance module with Super Easy PA, organizations can build information repositories on patient assistance programs. Vital information such as income requirements and the types of documentation needed for approval can be accessed immediately which helps reduce the delay in patients getting the care they need.

Help remove access to care issues

Be a patient's hero by removing barriers to their care. It's nearly impossible for most people to comprehend all the jargon and convoluted processes that most insurance companies have in place. With the right healthcare CRM, you can educate patients and help them lead a better quality of life all while increasing the efficiency of the organization.

Matt Irving is the CEO of Super Easy Tech, LLC.
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Posted by: Matt Irving on 6/27/2022