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Will my business benefit from a change request form?

All businesses, large and small stand to benefit from implementing a formal process for change requests. Changes to operational processes must be thoroughly documented to gauge the impact the change had on the organization and its clients. Without a structured change policy, you won't have any idea as to whether the change had a positive or negative impact.

Who needs to approve change requests?

In general, you should have the department heads who in charge of implementing the change sign off on the request. If there is a financial implication to the change, a representative of the company's accounting department should also approve. Try not to require too many approvals as this may cause an unnecessary delay in the change being enacted.

What does a change request form consist of?

A good change request form is about a page or so in length and is organized in manner that is simple to follow. Sections should be dedicated to the description of the change, the departments impacted, and the finacial impact of the change.

You should also include allowing change request forms to be digitally signed. Requiring a wet signature is just annoying. Many times, you will be requesting approval from decision-makers at the company who are very busy with their own tasks. Requiring the added step of printing, signing, and scanning the document almost guarantees your request will end up in the trash.

Here are the basic components of a great change request form.

  • 1. A short, descriptive name of the change request. An example of this is Add exporting of report in PDF format.
  • 2. The financial impact of the change
  • 3. All impacted departments. Avoid using names directly and only reference positions if you need to narrow the scope down to a single person. Chances are the position will outlast person.
  • 4. The required signatures

Without further ado, here is your free change request form template.

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 5/10/2022