Inventory tracking in Excel

This template allows you to fully customize your company's valuable assets. You can track laptops, mice, keyboards and many other company owned products that are allocated to employees.

Here is how you use this tool.

Take a look at the existing options for 'Item Type', 'Assigned To Name', 'Distributed By', 'Assigned To Department', and 'Collected By'.

excel template for inventory

If you like what you see, there is not need to proceed further. Enjoy using it, and feel free to come back when you want customize the spreadsheet.

To customize this Excel workbook, simply head over to the spreadsheet with the name of the field you want to customize. And start adding and/or editing as you see fit.

customizable free excel templates

Once you are finished you'll have a free, custom Excel inventory log that suits your unique business needs.


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Posted by: Matt Irving on 5/25/2022