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Which pets are best for indoor living?

The best pets for the indoor lifestyle that comes with remote work are generally on the smaller side and do not require tons of exercise or space. As such, large, high energy breeds like American Bulldogs are not a good choice if you have to be inside all day long. However, there are a number of cute, fun pets that will help you combat remote work loneliness.

French Bulldogs

french bulldog in apartment

French bulldogs are lazy, cute, and entertaining to be around. They are very affectionate and have no issue laying around while you type and attend Zoom calls all day. All they need are a few short walks a day along with some high quality dog to stay fit. Just be careful as they are known to swallow anything they can fit in their mouths.

I found this out the hard way and as a result, I ended up paying for 3 different surgeries to remove toys from my dogs body. Here is a quick breakdown of what owning a French Bulldog entails.

Exercise Housing Food Grooming
Very low. A few short walks daily. Just a nice comfy bed for small dogs. High quality dog food with meat as its main ingredient Low since they have a short coat.

Guinea Pigs

guines pig timothy hay

Guinea Pigs are fun and pretty low maintenance. Also, they primarily live in a cage so there is no need to walk them. Just keep their cages clean and provide them plenty of fresh Timothy Hay.

Exercise Housing Food Grooming
Low, they don't even need an exercise while like Hamsters. A roomy cage, about 10 square feet per pig. Pellets along with some fruits, vegetables, and fresh hay If its a short haired variant, none but long haired pigs needed to be brushed regularly.

Emperor Scorpions

tarantula alternative pets

Scorpions are not really affectionate or cuddly but they are cool and inexpensive. They don't need much care or too be fed very often. Most need a few servings of crickets a week to sustain them. Another cool thing they do is glow under ultraviolet light.

Exercise Housing Food Grooming
None and you would look strange trying to walk one. A 5 gallon tank works if you have a single scorpions. Crickets I would not recommend attempting to brush one.

Oranda Goldfish

oranda goldfish tank mates

These big-headed goldfish are adorable and relatively inexpensive to purchase, especially in comparison to the French Bulldog. Just be careful when choosing their tank mates. That big head makes them clumsy and faster fish will take the food before the Oranda can swim to it.

Exercise Housing Food Grooming
The need about 20 gallons per Oranda to swim around comfortably. A 5 gallon tank works if you have a single scorpions. Flake food and pellets To prevent ammonia buildup and scale discoloration, change their water regularly.

Munchkin Cat

Munchkin cat diet

Munchkin Cats are cut cats with very small limbs. Much like other cats, they don't need to be walked and are pretty self-sufficient.

Exercise Housing Food Grooming
A nice scratching post should be enough to keep them entertained. Your home and a comfortable bed are all they need. High quality cat food Once or twice a week should suffice for the shorter haired cats.

No matter what pet you choose, be sure to give them attention whenever you can. Playing with you pet is a great way to unwind after an annoying Teams call or after reading a rude email.

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 9/07/2022