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Whether you are a life coach, marriage coach, or business coach, you need a place to store your contacts and ensure clients are followed-up with. If you just starting out, it may be tempting to store everything in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. However, as tempting as it may be, avoid doing this if at all possible.

Excel and similar applications, were designed for ad-hoc analyses and report presentations. They are not a database solution, and as such are next to impossible to scale on any magnitude. The better solution is a crm for business coaches, customer relationship management software was designed specifically to accurately manage your entire business on any scale.

Best CRM For Coaching Business Free

Super Easy CRM has all the tools any business coach will ever need. The most important of which is contact management. Within my platform, you can store any number of contacts and map them to the companies they run.

This is ideal as your goal as a business coach is to help your clients grow their businesses. So, you will want to center your plans, goals, and tasks for them around their businesses. Within Super Easy CRM, you can add a company and attach an unlimited amount of contacts to them.

From here, you can have a truly 360 view of all issues, upcoming deadlines, and projects your client is involved in.

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Managing Coaching Projects

Managing coaching projects is vastly different than managing other types of projects. Since your clients will likely span many different industries and disciplines, your platform must be fluid enough to accommodate any type of request that comes your way.

Within Super Easy CRM, you can create an infinite number of fields for your projects. In addition, mine is the only platform that allows you to truly create project templates. This means that you can create a project once, add an unlimited number of tasks to it, and use that project as a template forever.

This is a huge time saver and ensures you don't miss an important task for your clients. To make this feature even better, I added the ability to broadcast changes. Essentially, this allows you to alter a project template and have those changes show up in all the projects that were created from that template.

For example, if you uncover a new regulatory concern for your clients you can add a compliance task to each project. To do so, all you need to do is navigate to the project template.

Once you are there, simply add the task and it will be added to every active project that was created using that template.

Scheduling Follow-Up For Coaching Clients

Follow-Up calls are important to keep your clients engaged and accountable. If you want your clients to succeed, you will need to keep in regular contact with them.

Within a well-structured CRM, you will have all touch points documented so you don't leave any client untouched for too long. Super Easy CRM comes with its own calendar that allows you to schedule meetings and track deliverables for individual clients.

Within your client's profile, you will have a unique calendar that only contains their meetings and tasks. This is 100x better than fumbling through Outlook or your crowded Gmail calendar to figure out when your next touch base with an important client is.

Use a ticket system to manage client issues

Support tickets are not only for IT departments! Your coaching business will benefit greatly from documenting all issues your clients have.

From these tickets, you can derive a mountain of useful information like the time it takes for you to resolve your client's issues. Problem resolution time is vital for referrals and retention of your current clientele.

To get started in Super Easy CRM, head over to the ticket module. From there, create a support ticket and include your client on the notification list by adding them in the Contact drop down.

Now, your client will receive real-time notifications as you work through resolving their issues. They will love the transparency and sing your praises from the mountain tops.

Build your own workflow to increase productivity

coaching workflow

Outside of projects, your tasks should reside somewhere to keep them organized. One of the main problems small business owners have is prioritizing tasks. To our clients, whatever issue they are having is urgent!

Although they have this perception, there is no way everything you have to get done can be treated as urgent. Doing so will result in broken promises, burnout, and a diminished reputation.

Instead, give your clients realistic turnaround times by leveraging the workflow tool in Super Easy CRM. Within the tool, all your tasks are linked together and assessed a priority. The due dates of these tasks will show up on your calendar as well.

I set it up this way so that you can get an idea of EVERYTHING you need to do in one day. This includes meetings that can span many hours.

Having this type of insight allows you to better select deliverable due dates and communicate them to clients. Workflows are given a start and end date with the ability to roll over tasks into new workflows should the need arise.

Create a knowledge repository with job aids

Another cool feature of Super Easy CRM that business coaches will love is the ability to create job aids. The job aid module is like a personal catalog of how-to articles with step-by-step instructions for your business.

In one of my businesses, I find myself having to create personal desktop applications for clients on occasion. I don't do it all the time so I forget the steps often.

For this reason, I have a set of job aids that cover everything from provisioning local servers to building a customizable front end for the user. Its a truly invaluable tool for those who have to remember a myriad of processes.

Start with the free tools before buying anything

A general rule of thumb that I learned from my father while fixing cars is to start with the cheapest solution first when trying to solve a problem. For cars, this means checking the battery before the onboard computer if your car is not starting.

For your coaching business this means trying free software like the Forever Free edition of Super Easy CRM to manage your contacts before buying anything else.

Let your platform handle the things you don't have time for so you can spend more time helping your clients achieve the greatness you know they are destined for.

Matt Irving is the CEO of Super Easy Tech, LLC.
Matt is the CEO of Super Easy Tech and creator of Super Easy CRM. He is a passionate software engineer, tech blogger, and gamer. Feel free to connect on any of the platforms listed below.

Posted by: Matt Irving on 10/30/2022