Business Tech Tips

Speed up your PC

Make your computer faster by cleaning junk files automatically

Your computer, much like your closet, can become cluttered with junk. When you are low on space, you may notice your computer performing sluggishly, apps loading slowly or an inability to update or download files due to lack of memory. This can be remedied by using the Disk Cleanup utility in Windows. Disk cleanup will look for the junk on your PC/Laptop and remove it. View More.

How to browse safely

The internet has become so integrated into our lives that we can’t imagine functioning without it. The company Google, has become a verb, seemingly overnight. I’m actually surprised there are still librarians around. Nothing is without its fault though, and the internet is no different. It’s chock-full of criminals waiting to steal your money, identity and worse. View More.

Analysis without programs

So, you to analyze data BUT you’re not a computer programmer. Well, all is not lost and you may not have to bug the IT department or hire a programmer to extract meaningful information from datasets. All you need is a subscription to Microsoft Office or LibreOffice and the IF formula. View More.

Keep Leading Zeros In Excel

Microsoft Excel spreadsheets have a tendency of removing leading zeros. Likely due to most use cases not requiring them to be displayed. However, there are certain times where you actually need leading zeros to be displayed (like a product or order number for example). View More.

You and your CRM Part I: Bridging the gap between sales and operations.

Your CRM is not only a significant business investment but one of the most valuable tools your company has at its disposal. A CRM can be used for more than just sales. Your operations team can benefit tremendously from this type of software as well. In fact, having your operations team and your sales team use the same software fosters comradery across the two very distinct departments as it enables them to collaborate seamlessly with one another. The beginning of a customer’s life cycle with a company typically starts in sales with a lead. This lead gets sold and that customer is then transitioned over to the operations team for retention. View More.