Business Operations

The 15 Minute Meeting

No one gains anything from sitting in a 60-90 meeting. Most of us start to lose focus after the first 20 minutes or so and then by the hour mark, we are thinking about lunch or pondering which of our poor life decisions got us stuck in the meeting in the first place. View More.

What is a workflow?

What is a workflow? Simply put, it’s the way tasks ‘flow’ in an organization. Without the flow, you are condemning your team to a chaotic workday. While there are many ways in which you can design a workflow, all methods generally task definitions, priorities, assignments and the estimated time to complete tasks. View More.

Recognizing and dealing with Scope Creep

Even the most well-defined scope with the most seasoned team can fall victim to scope creep. Scope creep occurs when the original scope is expanded upon. This typically results in greater costs, tighter time constraints and more stress for the team. View More.

Work from home, save money and increase efficiency.

Save money and increase efficiency by working from home

As the pandemic has painfully taught us, failing to QUICKLY adapt to this increasingly remote landscape can result in the demise of your business. Working from office may seem like the only way to operate, since it’s all most of us have ever known. Older does not always equate to superior and what’s viewed as the gold standard today may be considered antiquated tomorrow. View More.

Creating job aids to improve operation efficiency

How To Create An Easy To Follow Job Aid For Your Team

Job aids are awesome. They provide employees with short, easily digestible guides that help employees perform at their absolute best. The greatest job aids are written with the task owner in mind and are free from the bias of senior management. Often times, those drafting job aids create them based on how they think a task should be performed, rather than how it is performed in practice. For example, the Vice President of Engineering may think it takes developers 5 steps and 5 minutes to provision another instance of an application. While the developers carrying out the task on a daily basis KNOW that task involves 15 steps and takes well over an hour. View More.